Elevation gain vs elevation change

  1. rlachermeier says:

    I recently did a bike ride with an elevation gain of 459.3200 and an elevation change of -59.0600. Does this mean the entire elevation change was 518.38?

  2. paul says:

    Elevation gain represents the total distance climbed. Any descents are ignored when calculating elevation gain.

    Elevation change is simply the difference in elevation at the end of your route compared to the beginning.

  3. capeel says:

    Where can you find out elevation changes? I know my runs are almost all hills, but I don't know how to measure the elevation changes. Is there a separate website that measures the natural topography? Or is there a function here on gmap-pedometer.com that I can use?

  4. rlachermeier says:

    If you look below where you start your recording, towards the bottom of the page you will see "elevation". The options are either: off, small or large. I usually use small. You can turn it on after your route and it is easier to view with the "zoom shut". Hope this helps. If not maybe I can send a pic of what the page looks like.

  5. smann says:

    I can see the graph but how do pull this information into my workout log?

  6. gerryklu says:

    Has anybody an idea on what "smann" asked? greetings