calorie count?

  1. drdsoto says:

    1. How does the calorie counter (on the dropdown menu when mapping) calculate how many calories are burned?
    2. When I add a route to the workout log, why are the calories logged in the calendar roughly half of what is calculated in #1? If it's relevant, I'm biking.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. mjhenley says:

    I have the same questions. Were these ever answered? I'm walking and also see that calories are reduced in the workout log. Does that calculation take time into account? Does it consider elevation change? Thanks for your help. This is a great program!

  3. splodge says:

    I just started on this site but i have the same question. I made a cycle route that i rode, the calories burned said 1042. When the information was put in the workout log, it calcuated only 275 calories. Can anyone tell me why this is.

  4. ellopez63 says:

    Same here in regards to the discrepancies with the calorie counter

  5. omgwtfwasthat says:

    It's calculating it as running calories burnt by default.
    That's why it changes when you save it as cycling outdoors.

  6. alexvas says:

    As a runner, I haven't witnessed the issues mentioned above but I am curious as to the formula that you use to calculate calories. It seems to only depend on weight and distance (and not on time/pace and elevation gain).