Multiple workouts per day

  1. stephanguy says:

    I train twice a day. I should be able to keep at least a couple distinct workouts per day. Thanks

  2. tcardanha says:

    I just tried to make a distinct 2nd workout for a day and it works; to log a 2nd workout for a day just click the calendar location but outside of the 1st workout's text box.

    What I'd like to see (and requested in an earlier post) is to have a 'time' field to add some detail about which workout came first etc. But this is a start.

  3. eLRusS1T0 says:

    tcardanha is right, by clicking in the calendar date (on the "number" for instance) you will be able to add as many entries as you wish.

    Another way to do it, is to add a workout log for any "clear" day in your calendar and then click on the "Workout date" field to see a little calendar which let you put the "new" date, by repeating this action you will be able to add as many entries for a single day as you wish. Hope it helps you!

    P.S.: tcardanha, I use to put the training sessions in order which is simple to see in the calendar. You can also use the "Notes" field to add a time-stamp for your training sessions in the same day.

  4. sreneh says:

    I've put multiple bookmarked routes on one day, but they don't add for a cumulative total for that day. I'm probably missing something obvious here to get them to add.... thanks for any help. R