Link Slow to Load

  1. davereynolds05 says:

    If I've created a route and saved it, for example, then copied it into a forum, cycle chat for example, we find that clicking on the link takes us to gmap OK but then the route is slow to load, this problem has appeared since you revamped your site, before that it always was quick to load.

  2. fwomw says:

    I even can't get to my bookmarked routes - the browser crashes with a 500. I agree it's never been quick but now I don't know when I will see my routes again. I have an 84 mile whopper with lots of elevation & I don't know whether this is killing it?

  3. strangelight says:

    I'm also having speed issues: the maps are slow to load, and creating a route is painful. I've noticed that the site seems to hog all of my RAM, and then somehow clear. Sometimes this generates a crash report in Google Chrome, but the site continues to run.

    Prior to the site revamp I also had no issues, and I was still using Chrome (for Mac) back then.

    Any suggestions?