Pace and time

  1. sbright33 says:

    Just created a route. Where do I enter the Time it took? Where do I see the Pace?
    This feature is designed to give me one pace for the entire route?
    Is there a function to give me a pace along the way?

  2. sbright33 says:

    Hello? Anybody home?

  3. paul says:

    Time taken and pace are calculated over in the Workout Log feature. Click over to that section of the site, then click the date of your workout in the calendar that appears. When you get to the form where you enter your workout information, you'll have fields to enter time taken and you'll be able to choose the route you ran from a dropdown.

    Since you'll have entered your time and distance, the pace will be automatically calculated.

  4. TommyP says:

    How is pace calculated?

  5. TommyP says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your reply. I notice that if you increase the time that a ride took you, then the pace goes up. So, how is pace calculated? i.e. what is the formula?

  6. luvustea says:

    longer run, same time=pace goes down ... can't explain that -.-