blank bookmarked routes page

  1. andrewduckworth says:

    clicking on "bookmarked routes" just gives me a blank page. Any advice?

  2. gilbertsgazelles says:

    I've got the same issue. I sent the question in to the Contact address for Gmaps over a week ago, and have received no reply. Still waiting. The feature worked just fine for the first couple of weeks that I had the account, but not in the last 3 weeks.

  3. A24OHK says:

    Gmaps have made a mess of what was a very useable web site. I cannot retrieve my routes, I can not get any maps up. Why do people have to fiddle with things

  4. Alida says:

    Did you map out your route and then save it?

    Alida Cotey

  5. hiden33 says:

    same problem - was working this morning when i mapped out and went for my long run, now its not working

  6. hiden22 says:

    now ive set up new user, moved from firefox to chrome, and it seems to be recording routes again. for how long, i dont know .....

  7. pancho says:

    Fuck!!!! Its like a pirate trial, made by google itself... They dont want us to be able to save our routes without paying!

  8. rmechler says:

    Same problem starting yesterday. I have been creating and bookmarking Gmaps for the past 11 weeks without a problem. I share the links with the runners that I am coaching. I created a map yesterday, saved it, and then clicked on Bookmarks. All I got was the blank paged mentioned above.

    Note that I can still utilize hyperlinks to previous maps. I just cannot get into Bookmarks.

    By the way, my OS is Windows 7 and my browser is Firefox 8.0.

  9. rmechler says:

    Still cannot access bookmarked routes. Same problem as noted above. I am disappointed that I can no longer use what used to be my favorite mapping website. I am also disappointed that there has been no response from Support on this thread. There are two other similar threads posted on this Forum with no resolution either.

  10. bkrebs512 says:

    I have tried to get to my bookmarked routes and it still 3 months later still comes up a blank page. I still see not technical support for this one.

  11. mrpetermartin says:

    This is the first of three posts all dealing with the inability to access bookmarked routes. Apart from solving the problem, which was first raised in August 2011, and is still unresolved, can posts be numbered for ease of reference? Currently, No 20, raised by andrewduckworth, No 41 raised by shrinkerhoff and 44 posted by GSWALKER are all on the subject of unavailable bookmarked routes.

  12. paul says:

    Sorry about this. I'm working on it. See my most recent post on the thread below for details

  13. paul says:


    Thanks for your patience everyone!

    I have deployed a fix for this tonight, and I was able to verify the problem is corrected! If anyone is still getting errors trying to load the bookmarks page, please let me know right away!

  14. PeterPan says:

    Happy to confirm that it is now fixed for me. Many thanks.

  15. mrpetermartin says:

    Paul - I can now access bookmarked routes again and much more quickly than before. Thank you very much for your efforts.

  16. rmechler says:

    It works! Thanks, Paul.