turn by turn instructions

  1. tavani says:

    how do you see them after you've created a route?

  2. aj4mn says:

    Is it possible to get a cue sheet for cyclists with turn by turn instructions off of this site?

  3. bgmtnsports says:

    Agreed, a cue sheet would be a very nice feature. I presently manually create one, but simply being able to print one from the software would be very nice!

  4. mwandaw says:

    This would be a big plus for me, too.

  5. Shamus85 says:

    That would be HUGE!

  6. eafritz says:

    Yes Please!!!

  7. pmdecm says:

    Better yet, would be an overlay with map-voice technology, so that as you run or bike along a route that you created, your smart phone would say "in 1000 feet, turn left," like it does when you are getting directions in a car. (I often create routes, and then get lost trying to follow them, even after the painstaking effort of printing out turn-by-turn directions.