Printing map

  1. cisco says:

    Can someone advise how to get a map to print properly in landscape mode? It seems to default to a 2 page map but only a snippet of the actual map appears on page 2, with a blank page on page 1. Using Windows XP Pro, and Internet Explorer 7. Thanks.

  2. davekeith says:

    I have same problem with IE8. Thoughts?

  3. psabourin says:

    I am also having problems printing the map. Each time I print a map the advertising banners come up as well. How can I just print the map and route details only or just the map itsel with mile markers? Your help please...

  4. trimom says:

    I want help printing the map and the elevation chart.

  5. seloc says:

    Apparewntly nobody wants to answer this question at all. I am finding the same issue. I attempted to print the same maps a few times. Each time the banner was in the middle of it, one time it porinted the map with no banner but did not show the route, if it showed the route the banner was in the middle oif the map or I got a really small map. The idea behind this site is great but seems there are a feww bugs that nobody even wants to comment on, what a shame.

  6. parktown says:

    The idea behind this site is great but seems there are a few bugs that nobody even wants to comment on, what a shame.
    Nearly six months on and still a problem.
    What a shame.


  7. cisco says:

    One partial solution I've discovered, after completing all Windows updates, ensuring Flash Player, Quicktime, Java, and other plug-ins were all up to date, is to not use the "Print Map" option from within gmap-ped, but instead do the following: Close the gmap menu panel by clicking on "zoom shut". Move your route view to the extreme left side of your monitor. Then utilize the IE File drop-down and click File/Print Preview. This normally opens the print screen in portrait view initially and still has the Ad banner right across the middle. But then if you change to landscape view it gives you a full screen map and the Ad banner outline marks but no Ad. Give this a try, it's been working for me since the last gmap upgrade.

  8. LDouglas says:

    I have had no luck trying to print in internet explorer however, I have had success printing in google chrome.

  9. seesissyrun says:

    I usually take a screen shot, then paste into paint. I can make it smaller or larger, crop of what I don't need, etc.
    I also use this methed for my cross country team and give each person their own copy.
    When I print it, I cover the little paper with clear packing tape so that it doesnt get ruined from sweat but is still bendable enough to hold while I run or tuck into my sports bra.

  10. cisco says:

    The latest version of this app has introduced new printing problems including route section drop-outs, blank areas of the map, ads obscuring the map, and others. I've tried using various direct print options in both IE8 (still using XP Pro at work) and Chrome and no luck with either. The best option I've found that seems to work well is a version of seesissyrun's fix noted above. Using Chrome, I loaded the free app called Webpage Screenshot Capture. Using the app you can easily capture the gmap screen and even crop and edit, then print, all using the app. I found the resolution to be unchanged using this app, unlike what sometimes happens using the "Print Screen" option. Give it a try.

  11. GrammaHiker says:

    I can deal with the ads at the bottom, but I'm having a problem with a large (about 1" wide) white space running through the middle of my page, obscuring a large portion of my route. Any suggestions?

  12. marksmithhfx says:

    Printing seems to be hit or miss. I've taken to a non-technical strategy: commit the route to memory. Its the only thing that consistently works for me.

  13. samb999 says:

    Since Google Chrome has dropped support for NPAPI print is no longer an option (the printer icon is suppressed). Still works in IE and Firefox.

  14. paul says:

    I made changes to the printing function with the recent redesign, so it's worth trying again. It will now redirect you to the sharing/view page and automatically show a zoomed out overview of the map. Just tested it in Chrome and it worked, btw.

  15. PeterPan says:

    I found the new print behaviour today and have to say that I was rather disappointed not to be able to chose which map background to print behind my route, or the zoom level.
    Am I missing something?

    (I have resorted to using the Windows Snipping Tool to capture the view I want, saving the image, inserting that image into a Powerpoint and printing from there. It is the only way I have found (so far) to have real control over what I print.)
    Apart from that moan, please keep up the good work on gmap.