Site Rating

  1. cowartm says:

    long time user... first time caller...

    my rating for your site has gone from a 9.5 down to a 5 in the last week

    What's with forcing me to create an account to save a route?

    the account creation process was a bit cumbersome as well.

    please don't become "Map my ride" I will once again be forced to fins an alternative

  2. paul says:

    You don't have to create an account. When you click "save" while in a non-logged-in state, note that there are two buttons, "save to account" and "save as public". "save as public" means that the route is not associated with a user account.

    I gather that you have created an account since you're posting to the message board, so remember to click "log out" before attempting to save a route as public.

    I made a big point of maintaining this ability in the course of developing the new features.