error with elevation data?

  1. dcltdw says:

    This map is around the Charles River in Boston, and it says it has an elevation gain of 419 ft. I'm guessing that's wrong, since it's basically a flat route. (For reference, the same route recorded on says there's only a 89' gain, although even that's clearly wrong, because they report a max elev of 54', even though the graph clearly doesn't go above 40'.)

    Anyways, thought I should report what appears to be a bug. :)

  2. emgullikson says:

    First let me say that this is a great resource! There seems to be a problem with the elevation data. For example route ID=5061680 is a climb (no downhill) with 421 ft elevation gain according to Google Earth. However gmap-pedometer gives the elevation change as 321 ft and the gain as 1132 ft. The profile plot also has several spikes which are not real and may account for the large elevation change? Anyway hope you can find the bug and thank you for providing this useful tool!

  3. schnufti says:

    I can confirm, there is an error with the elevation gain
    route 5072032 is calculated to have an elevation gain of over 1000meter. True value is somewhere between 200-300m. Would be nice if this can be fixed, since I am using this value for my training.
    PS: In the meantime I found a workaround using Firefox: By disabling the AdBlock Plus Addon for the gmap-pedometer web site, thus allowing ads and banners to be displayed, also enables the popup of the elevation profile. It takes some seconds until all elevation data are processed. If I then save the route, I obtain a reasonable value for the elevation gain. Maybe when saving the route before all elevation data are processed completely, incorrect elevation gain results. Just a guess. When proceding as described above, all is working for me now.

  4. aryka says:

    I'm getting this error too - shows numerous downward spikes to 330m below sea level. I changed my settings to allow pop-ups on the site, but it didn't change anything. Thoughts? I'd like to compare elevation gains between routes, but this is a but useless.

  5. dvonroeder says:

    It appears that elevations have problems when the route being created drops below the starting elevation or when elevations approach sea level. It would be nice to have this issue resolved, no question.