cycling to recover from a stroke?

  1. Huguito says:

    I had a stroke a week ago, not a massive one apparently, and can still walk, though not for long or far yet. But I'm a very keen cyclist and wonder if anyone else out there has tried getting back on the bike after a stroke? I haven't spoken properly yet to a physiotherapist, but someone at the hospital suggested I should start first on a static exercise bike. Any tips? I'd like to put my progress updates here on gmap-pedometer, so would be nice to share feedback from others in similar condition. Give ourselves a challenge and hopefully inspire each other! I'm 'only' 52 by the way, and otherwise very fit and healthy. The stroke took me totally by surprise, had only just completed a cross-country ride around SE England a couple of days before in fact - glad it didn't happen when I was on my bike! Please let me know your experiences, including suggested routes (I live in Sidmouth, Devon, so very hilly around here, but great for whizzing downhill after the long slog up!

  2. stxp64 says:

    can someone move this to the correct forum please?

  3. svegress says:

    Yes, it is in the wrong forum but Huguito needs an answer. I had a mild stroke about three months ago. Kept falling over and running into doors on my right side. Decided it was best to walk it out. Did a lot of straight walking on well made footpaths and used great caution crossing roads. Kept the heartrate down. Worked up a daily hourly regime Weightlifting twice a week concentrating on regaining symmetrical action. Back on the bike now.