Unable to Edit Routes

  1. PeterPan says:

    I am currently unable to edit my saved routes, other than by deleting the last point (repeatedly, if necessary) and re-plotting from there. Having opened the route via the Routes list, selecting "View/Edit", my cursor is a cross-hair. Previously, this would change to a hand, when directly above a point on the route and clicking would put the route into edit mode, allowing points to be moved. Now, the cursor stays as a cross-hair and clicking has no effect.

  2. paul says:

    Yes, you're correct, this feature is currently not working. In the course of the recent changes there wasn't time to update this feature and I had to temporarily disable it to prevent errors.

    But I promise it will be coming back! I'm sorry to say it may take a week or two, but it will happen. I'll update this thread once I've made the change to resolve this.

  3. PeterPan says:

    Hi Paul, Many thanks for the prompt response (and helpful) response.

    Whilst you are fixing this, is there any chance that you could include an ability to delete a point on a route (and link points either side to each other)? Previously, if I shortened a route by removing a loop, I ended up with many points close to one another, which were not needed. The editor in Open Street Map has this functionality, but I have no idea how comparable the tools are.

  4. paul says:

    Hello again, I'm pleased to report that this is working once again! I've completed the changes needed to provide this fuctionality,.

    Thanks for your suggestion to delete points. This is a completely separate system from OSM so it would need to be built from scratch, but I can see how it would be useful.