Routes Saved with OSM Background Do Not Open Correctly

  1. PeterPan says:

    I like OSM as the background for my routes and have several saved like this. That used to work fine, but now when I try to open these routes (either from Menu>Routes, or from a saved URL), I see a map of the world with no routes plotted. Changing to satellite background gets me to a point on my chosen route, but I have to zoom out to see the whole route. I can then re-select OSM as the background and all is fine. If I save a route with "Map" as the background, it saves and opens OK. This happens the same using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge as my browser.

  2. paul says:

    As some have noted, there have been some changes lately, and this was a bug that got introduced along the way. I've just pushed a fix, please try again and confirm that this is fixed for you. Thanks for using the site!

  3. PeterPan says:

    Hi Paul, I'm delighted to say that routes saved with OSM background now open Fine for me. Tested with Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. Thanks for the very speedy resolution... ...and thanks for a great site. I find it very useful, both for personal motivation and training and also for my voluntary work with a local charity.