Import GPX into Gmaps?

  1. ohland says:

    I'd like to escape the Garmin workout, Garmin Connect, and GMaps triangle. Too may places to record data. What would be nice is to be able to upload a GPX file from my Garmin 305 ForeRunner into Gmap-Pedometer. Gmaps is better for mapping out routes, something that Garmin does not allow (or so it seems).

    Super double plus good - Ability to upload directly from my 305 into Gmaps-Pedometer... One can dream...

  2. gburlin says:

    It would also be great to be able to load a KML file. I can load it into Google Maps easily enough, why not here?

  3. faina09 says:

    ANY type of import is essential, imho!!

  4. dstrain says:

    yes data import please!

  5. veitl says:

    I agree, I would also be able to upload GPX tracks!
    Great website tough!!
    Thanks for your effort

  6. nikkilad says:

    Please add the ability to upload GPX or KML to Gmap. Will only make a good product GREAT!

  7. karlmistelberger says:

    I started to bookmark my (daily?) walks using gmap-pedometer. Some hiking colleagues of mine have gpx data. It would be great to import them into gmap-pedometer.

  8. rsmacwalter says:

    It would be great to import GPX routes as well as exporting them!

  9. NicEdie says:

    Can anyone advise me if the GMaptoGPX bookmarklet still works. It is still recommended from this site but, try as I might, I cannot get it to work (Jan 2015). Have tried it in Firefox, Chrome and IE, all without success. In FF, it opens the script, but the 'Full' tab mentioned is not present. Copying all the script into Notepad and saving it as a GPX file does not work either - shows two points only, somewhere in the sea off Togo! If anyone is still using GmaptoGPX successfully, please advise. Or advise if it no longer works and if there is another way to export a route as a GPX or TCX file.
    Update 11 Feb 2015:- I discovered that I was trying to use gmaptogpx v 6.4k. Have now found v and this appears to work. Still some issues with elevation differences, but at least the basic routes now import. If having problems, check the version!!

  10. enmiles says:

    The GMaptoGPX bookmarklet still works for me...