Can routes be 'locked' to prevent amendment?

  1. Selwalker says:


    I've created a very complex route that might be popular but would be ruined if anyone altered it.
    Is it possible to 'lock' the route so that that url can be distributed but no-one can amend it?

    The route concerned is the 77.8 mile Capital Ring around London UK. Very many thousands use this footpath but there is no mapping whatsoever that shows mileage. I'd now like to share the mileages but the map will become useless if altered.

    Many thanks for a superb on-line resource that I've been using for many years.

    All the best - Ian

  2. paul says:

    The only way to alter the data of a map is if you have associated it with your account, and you are logged in with that account while viewing it.

    Although it is possible for a different user to alter the map as it is presented in their browser when they load it, those changes will never be saved back out to your original map. If the user clicks "save" after making changes to your map, they will in fact be saving a copy of your map with their changes. Your map is safe from alteration!