Return to Start

  1. NLC_librarian says:

    Route doesn't return to start most of the time. Trying to plot a route from A to B and back to B then continue to C. From A to B is okay, return to start brings me to some other point in the route and the distance does not measure correctly after that point. Start again. ! in 5 tries worked correctly. Don't see anyone else with this problem.

  2. paul says:

    Hi, I replied on the other post where entered this too... Let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly:

    1. - Map route from A to B
      - Continue mapping from B to C
      - Hit "retrace to start".. route should now run A --> B --> C --> B --> A
      - Undo points to erase last segment, route should now be A --> B --> C --> B
      - Add points to new location D: A --> B --> C --> B -->D

    These are the steps I just tried and found I was able to complete. I'd be happy to take a look at the route where you're having the problem and see if I can figure anything out.