adding to the map

  1. ehess55 says:

    Some new concrete running/bike paths have been built in a large new park in my area. I would like to be able to plan my run routes to include the trails in the park because there is water fountains there. The satellite view does not show all the trails yet.I have GPX tracks of the trails. I thought there is a way to contribute to Google maps. Can you tell me how to submit my tracks so they will be added to the map?

  2. paul says:

    I think google does have a mechanism for contributing to the map, but as with many things when it comes to google the process is very opaque... your data goes in, and you'll never know what or when will come out.

    This is the main reason milermeter also supports the OSM or OpenStreetMap layer. If you go to and edit the map there, you'll see your changes appear on this site in a few days.

    For new paths like you want to add, your best bet is to use a GPS device to walk/run/cycle the path, then upload the tracks to openstreetmap following the instructions at