ability to search for routes

  1. timroman says:

    Please forgive me if i have not found this feature yet. When use USATF site you can search their routes to see ones in your area. Your site is much better than theirs to make routes and map them and a bigger map area to add. If there was a way to search all the routes, at any time even without logging in. And ability to search by name, city, state, or mileage.

  2. fervy says:

    I support this request.

  3. lechbuga says:

    i like where this is going. Sharing routes would be a whole new world of cool. Imagine faint grey lines showing other member's routes and distance whenever you are in that part of the map, at a certain zoom or course.

  4. timroman says:

    It would be great for people traveling and want to get in a run or bike ride. They can try a course pre mapped by someone else.

  5. Bvnistelrooij says:

    I support this request

  6. box1148 says:

    Great feature request.

    I have a list of more than 100 cycle routes. I thinks sometimes, it would be great if some can search the routes I has made in the used area, so that can inspire it for his own route, and I can compare and seen ideas what others have than. Sharing routes is only useful if others known or comes in the same area.