Old URL links not working

  1. cisco says:

    Paul, I just discovered the new site. I'm still working thru the changes but discovered my previous URL links to maps I've created were not working. Then I removed the www. from the front of the link and it worked fine. Don't know why this is, but something to note for others, or to fix in the programming. Thanks.

  2. paul says:

    Can you post some of those old links that aren't working? If they work when you change the URL it means the data is still there, so hopefully it should be a pretty easy problem to fix.

  3. Stevenccook says:

    You have made a very simple site extremely difficult to use with no clear instructions. Will have to start looking elsewhere for same info.

  4. glepore70 says:

    Definitely experiencing this, even with new routes created at milermeter, instead of gmap-pedometer. Here are some routes (it happens on all):

    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6892324 (just created)

  5. cisco says:

    Paul made some changes this morning. Try your links now. They should work. Thanks for the quick work Paul.