Can I access the old format?

  1. plumbline5 says:

    My old saved routes used to display with 30 routes on one page, now I can only see 6 with the new layout. Although the graphics are more more, it is much more difficult to find my saved routes. Can I access the old layout?

  2. paul says:

    Nothing has been changed related to the number of routes displayed on the bookmarks page. It seems there is some other type of problem going on. What browser/OS are you using?

    Could you check whether there is a value in the "Filter" box that the browser is remembering? If the filter narrowed the list to six of your routes, it could produce the issue you're seeing.

  3. PeterPan says:

    I too have noticed a change in the way that saved routes are listed.
    On my laptop (Win 8.1) they display as previously (a table with one line per route, lots of routes per page)
    However, on my desktop (Win 7 Home Premium, SP1) and on a netbook (Win 10, Home 1511), I see each route in a box across the page, only about 4 routes per page.
    I get the same results with Chrome (51.0.2704), Firefox (47.0), or IE (11.0.9600.18349) on all 3 machines, so it does not seem to be related to the browser. I have screenshots, but cannot see how to upload or attach them here.

  4. jfxmac says:

    where is the filter?

  5. paul says:

    The view where the route information stretches across the screen is the mobile view. It kicks in when the screen is found to be narrower than 1280px wide. If you stretch the window to be wider than 1280 px, you'll get the larger view

    Also note, the routes are grouped in sets of four, but all the same routes are still there, you just have to scroll down.