Hiding Toolbox

  1. denwa says:

    Hi, has the ability to hide the toolbox been removed from the new version of the site? I like to maximize the screen for making screenshots of parts of my routes, areas that I, for example, want to zoom in on. Or has this function been hidden for the sake of appearance? I have resorted to using a Firefox Add-on to remove it, and then undoing the remove later, but it is a cumbersome procedure, and much less convenient than simply using the Hide button that your previous version had. Thanks.

  2. paul says:

    It has been removed, but temporarily. There always comes a point in a project where I need to release the code or I'm going to lose my mind, and when that happens I start to push some features on the list to finish later so I can get the release out. Re-enabling the zoom close was one of those features this time out. have no fear, it'll be back soon!

  3. denwa says:

    Hey, that was quick. Thanks!

  4. paul says: