Milermeter - to go?

  1. OffyJo says:

    This is so not a feature request, but I dunno where else to post it.

    I LOVE this site! The road-following is *amazing* and the different layers are a fantastic touch too. Especially the OSM ones. And it's so fast to slide the map around. Much faster than my stand alone GPS unit. Does anyone have any recommendations for something that works as well as Milermeter here, but is an offline & portable? I like the idea of some Arduino/Raspberry Pi powered homemade Linux palm-top computer, but shelling out some real bucks for a commercial product would work too.

  2. paul says:

    Depending on what you're looking for, this site might have it. If you visit on your phone, it does have a mobile optimized experience. Not all of the layers are available due to mobile device limitation, but it does still follow roads.

    And if you prefer a native interface, there's also an app version I wrote:

    Lastly if you're looking for an activity tracker, something to track the distance while you run, there's an app on the way to do that too!