Issue with underpass not being mappable (Reading, Berks)

  1. wilariwgmap says:

    There's a continuous pavement from Thames Valley Park Drive past the roundabout (near Wokingham Waterside Centre) which continues past the A3290 and down the way to London Road. However, gmap won't let me map anything through the underpass which goes under the railway just after the roundabout. This is in Reading (Berkshire, UK). How does one get errors in gmap corrected? At the moment I'm having to approximate that bit and do two separate route calculations to get my full run distance so it'd be great if that could be corrected please.

    Thanks! :)

  2. rcronise says:

    wilariwgmap, it looks as if the program gets confused with all the roundabouts and multilane roads. It also appears that the program defaults to the left side of the road for "automatically (for runners)", which would be facing traffic here in USA. (May I presume runners also should FACE traffic in UK?) Your discontinuity seems to be just south of the path underneath the railroad. What I have done with discontinuities, is to use the "manually (straight lines)" function to fill in, until I return to a reasonable road route. You can (or should be able to) go happily back and forth between the two methods with reckless, but accurate, abandon, and thus have a single continuous route. Good luck!

  3. rcronise says:

    Alternatively, it appears "automatically (for cyclists)" works through this runner discontinuity. As I previously stated, using "manually (straight line)" is a quick, easy, acceptable, and often more accurate way to get through problem areas.