Main Routes No Longer Main

  1. edaltman says:

    Hi Paul -

    For about a month some of the drives in Central Park that used to show as major roads (white, thick) are now showing on the map as minor roads (gray, thin). This is from north of the 72nd street transverse except for a small portion way up north where the East Drive meets Malcolm X Blvd. Taking mileage readings on the these routes still work, it's just now tougher to pick them out for mapping.

    Is this something that comes from the site/your code, or did Google make some changes in how they identify routes? And if the latter, is there a way to still recognize these roads as major?

    Note they work in the other map views (OSM, etc.).

    I'm happy to post a couple pictures if you'd like to see it better.

    Thank you for any help.