How do I name a route.

  1. heddiek2 says:

    I like the new features. But I do not see a way to name a round? Is there something I missed?

  2. khannibal says:

    I was wondering the same thing. I don't see how to name the route either.

  3. khannibal says:

    Found it. Turn on name route and description which is just above turn on elevations.

  4. bigginsking says:

    Ditto, how do I give routes plain english names? Right now I've got a bunch of regular bookmarks for them in my browser...

  5. heddiek2 says:

    I actually mean, how do I name a route.

  6. s_clark says:

    I've got the same question - how to add name to a route?

  7. peterjoseph says:

    khannibal is right. you can give an english name in the drop down field where you click 'Start Recording'. it's a couple of lines above Elevations. there's a name text field there.

  8. heddiek2 says:

    I am going to love this feature. khannibal gave the answer. On the first screen on the box on the side is the feature to 'turn on name routes and description. Great job!

  9. khannibal says:

    On the technical side, if you have old routes you want to name, open them up and you will see the field now to turn on the name and description. Make sure you click on 'save route' again so it saves the name and description. On the naming side: I usually give my routes the name of the starting place. My group has about 4-5 places we start our routes from and then I put the number of miles for that route. Makes it easy when I need to find it. It's up to you how you want to name your route. Have fun.

  10. paul says:

    Thanks for the bug report, and thanks to everyone else for helping out your fellow user!

    It's obvious this feature was a little too hidden. I was trying to set defaults to save as much space as possible, but with the new "zoom shut" feature, that's not quite as critical as it used to be!

    I have changed the code tonight, so that the name and description fields now default to being on. I know you guys already figured it out, but now it'll be there for the next user!

  11. slipperyp says:

    This is super awesome - I'm very excited for the new functionality and also needed this. Now I have 100+ routes saved in delicious to go import back into this new setup...

  12. Jac770 says:

    The app doesn't allow you to name a route, right? I am also unable to use the auto (run), only manual works. Also no print option? I guess I should just stick with the web site...., but I do have a lot of unnamed routes on the app that I would prefer to upload to my web account, if that's possible.