Exporting a route from Gmap-pedometer

  1. NicEdie says:

    Does the GMaptoGPX bookmarklet still work? It is still signalled from this site but, try as I might, I cannot get it to work (Jan 2015). Have tried it in Firefox, Chrome and IE, all without success. In FF, it opens the script, but the 'Full' tab mentioned is not present. Same in IE. In Chrome, it doesn't open at all. When using FF, if I copy all the script into Notepad and then save with a GPX extension, when I open it, it shows two points only, somewhere in the sea off Togo! If anyone is still using GmaptoGPX successfully, please advise. Or advise if it no longer works and if there is another way to export a route as a GPX or TCX file.

  2. sdrouin says:

    Thanks for letting us know. We have added that to the list of bugs to fix.

  3. MikeRophon says:

    After spending hours of creating a long route at milermeter I was supposed to export the route as a gpx file. It was also not working for me with different browsers on my home machine. It was not working at all or 'NaN' showed up as latitude and longitude in the downloaded gpx file.

    Finally it worked for me and I encourage you to use a configuration (approx.) similar to mine. Instead of a downloaded file I ended up with small UI in the page itself. I copied and pasted the gpx data into a file.

    Okay, here are the versions of the components when I succeeded:
    - Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit
    - Google Chrome Version 40.0.2214.115 m
    - GMapToGPX v6.4.11