Mile markers are not accurate, show up 100m or more behind the actual distance

  1. kdunn87 says:

    I've lately been noticing some weird things happening with mile markers. One day I mapped a route for a tempo run and took note of the mile markers (street intersections), then came back a few months later and the mile markers on the same route had changed.

    Today, I looked closely as I incrementally mapped a route and noticed that the mile marker icons are showing up about 115m behind the actual distance of each mile. Any ideas why this is happening and if there is a more accurate way to use the system? I've been using this program for 8 years and hope it hasn't been malfunctioning the entire time! Obviously 115 meters will throw off mile splits significantly.

  2. sdrouin says:

    This issue has been added to the list of bugs to fix. Thanks for letting us know!