Mapping Points Precision

  1. dmcmultisport says:

    For a lot of years now, I've been creating 2 ~ 3 routes of varying length, every week for our weekend training program. That's a lot of clicking, deleting, re-routing and saving, as well as a lot of starts over. Although I do like (in concept) the new feature of being able to drag the route for changes, I find that the number of points is incredibly high. When plotting a route that does not draw automatically for runners, moving every single point on that route, is sometimes more time consuming than just starting over. I don't believe this is your intent for this feature. So, is there any way to "scale back" the resolution at which the intermediate points are plotted? Or, is there a way to grab more than a single point at a time?

  2. dmcmultisport says:


  3. paul says:

    There is an aspect of the feature that may help you here. When you start to edit the route, you'll see two types of points. The larger points represent the points on the route you've selected. The smaller ones are the points drawn by routing algorithm. Dragging the smaller points moves each individual point, but dragging a larger point will move the entire route between the previous point you selected and the next one. Try dragging the larger points and hopefully you'll find it less laborious.

  4. paul says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand words per second. Almost forgotten I'd made this:

  5. PeterPan says:

    Thanks for this great site.

    Using Manual Drawing, I have a lot of Super-vectors on each route. When I then drag Middle-vectors to change the route, it creates additional Super-vectors. After a few changes, this can leave me with loads more Super-vectors than I need. Is there any way to eliminate a Super-vector and join those before and after it with a straight line (with a Middle-vector in the middle)?