Numb toes...

  1. sdrouin says:

    What is the temp above which my toes will NOT be numb? Any advice on keeping toes warm in the cold? I just signed up for a half marathon in April, and need to start training runs despite the cold temps here in NY metro area. My toes were seriously numb after a couple mile run today, and it was 29F, warmer than it has been for the past 2 weeks.

  2. altamontstreet says:

    A few options depending on the duration of your runs - For shorter distances, I keep my shoes over a heating vent before heading out on cold days - you would be surprised how much heat they can absorb.

    For more extreme conditions, there are short gaiters you can pick up for not much money - I've seen a lot of fellow trail runners use them, and the cut the wind and wet out considerably.

    In any event, good luck w/ your training and the race!