New format not working well at all

  1. seloc says:

    Well that was not pleasant. The new format does not let me map on paths, the "automatic for runners" does not work at al, the screen refreshes much slower than previous version.
    I am using Windows 7 and Vista and had the same results on both. Some Beta testing might have been the way to go before releasing this version with this many bugs in it.
    I hope somebody is workig on this as I DID love this site for mapping all my runs but as it stands now it is pretty much useless.

  2. cisco says:

    I agree. The new version is creating new problems when printing. In both portrait and landscape modes portions of the route disappear when I go into "print preview", and those sections not showing do not print regardless of whether I use preview or not. This version is buggy alright. Hope it's being worked on as I still use it extensively and find it very simple compared to many other mapping programs.