Default starting location

  1. sberlin says:

    It would be great if there was an option to set the default start location (for instance, for someone who almost always starts riding from home, instead of having to type in their home address every time the map could automatically center there on load)

  2. brettjamesdavis says:

    I agree!

  3. memo952 says:

    sberlin, you took the words right out of my mouth. i could not agree more!!!

  4. warrleaf says:

    Love the new features!... would also like to see a default starting location option.

  5. JDPower says:

    There is a workaround for that. Open the map where you want your start point, start recording, place your first point at your home then create a link for that 'route' and bookmark that link as your main gmap ped bookmark. Then every time you open gp your start point will already be there :-)

  6. Danowens says:

    I too would appreciate this as a feature. Thanks

  7. coreydotcom says:

    I would appreciate the feature as well. In fact I hadn't seen this and started a new topic (with another suggestion).

  8. mon1011 says:

    I was also going to request a default location. Love the new features too, thanks so much!

  9. divebuddy says:

    I tried the workaround - created a "route" that is just my starting point and "saved" it, now it is on my saved routes list, how do I bookmark that link to be my main Gmap pedometer bookmark? thanks.

  10. thejmfc says:

    +1 This would be nice.

  11. fathwad says:


  12. dboisgreat says:


  13. srqrob says:

    Agreed. I think about this every time I open Gmaps.

  14. IronAaron says:

    A saved start point would be most helpful.

  15. cshea says:

    Yes, please.

  16. sajmondk says:

    +1 please

    AND remeber default for radio buttons for units and route type (should/could this not be done with cookies?)

  17. mirajlee says:

    Agree. I asked for this feature under another thread.

  18. scottie says:


  19. bjbonner says:


  20. tkb_ says:

    +1 please!

  21. edaltman says:

    Try this...

    Change lagtitude (centerY) and longitude (centerX) to your favorite starting point and adjust zoom level (zl) to desired zoom level, and presto.

    You should can bookmark it, but I also always find it in my history as I start typing the URL in Firefox and Chrome so I don't have to use the bookmark.


  22. paul says:


    I am pleased to announce that I just released this, the most asked-for feature since the reboot of the site!

    It will take a little while for the change to propagate through the DNS network, so if you don't see it, try again a little later you should get it,

    To set your default location, log in and go to the "profile" page. The UI should be pretty self-explanatory. Thereafter you will be defaulted to the location you chose as long as you are logged in to the site.

  23. lechbuga says:

    woo hoo!!! love it.

  24. hardsilver says:

    YAAAAAY!! Thank you for this most-helpful feature! I was going to +1 I don't have to. Kudos!!

  25. eLRusS1T0 says:

    This is an excellent feature of this site, I've discovered it just poking around and I found it really helpful. Thanks!