1. Lotus says:

    When did Gmap-pedometer become

  2. paul says:

    It happened this morning, here's the official announcement: hope you like it!

  3. Lotus says:

    Actually it threw me by surprise at first, then immediately after I posted this thread, I discovered how to use it pmsl. Yes, it is fine, I just tried an experimental route and saved it and all was correct, yay! :D

    Good, because I like using this site and have many, many, many routes saves haha

  4. crhoople says:

    I do not like the new map - it is awful. The trail options do not link as easily. Connections between roads and canal paths are missing Please go back to the old map. It was much, much better

  5. DuqMan says:

    Since the change nothing works right. It is completely unusable. I can still view my previously saved routes, but if I try to create anything new it's just incredibly buggy and utterly BROKEN! I have tried on several different computers with basically the same results.

    For example, trying to create a route, I usually can't get beyond the initial point. On the second click, either nothing happens, or it advances in some ludicrously asinine manner, hopping from one street to an entirely different one, taking some spectacularly long-way-around-the-barn substitute for what should have been a direct connection. Sometimes (if I'm able to make anything happen at all) it insists on taking some "red-dot" path that is apparently a sidewalk or trail, or who knows what. Excuse me, but I don't need a mapping tool to route me onto sidewalks! Are you not seeing any of this? Hello, it doesn't work.

  6. seloc says:

    I do not like it at all. It is slow and the functionality of some of the options is non existent. Better testing before realsing would have been a nice idea

  7. paul says:

    The site has been switched back to the Google Maps API. Please try again when you can. For details, see:

  8. umaku says:

    Yep. this new milermeter update from gmap-perdometer is truly a step backwards in usability. Please go back to the old gmap-perdometer. I've been using your site for about about 6 years and made hundreds of routes. It was the best, most simple and accurate. Now it is rendered almost unusable. Here's the thing - Map is missing many link routes that used to exist. Complete route not working. Lines are cut into heaps of parts so undo is not very good. MacOS Chrome. I'm in Australia - it appears similar problems to mine are a few years ago - maybe in USA. My problems started a few months ago when the site design changed. thx

  9. paul says:

    I can't seem to reproduce the problems you're seeing, can you post a link to a route where you've seen these problems?