Editable points

  1. GaryDuncan says:

    It would be nice to move and insert points in the middle of a route.

    I'm a certified course measurer and often use your fine tool to show / plan a reasonable accurate rendition of how a course is / will be measured. This is generally done with hundreds (thousands) of manual (straight line) points zoomed way in on satellite view to follow the shortest path along curbs, centre lines, diagonals, etc. The final distance can be remarkable close to a true Jones Counter bicycle measure. Having to undo the route from the end to adjust a point in the middle is frustrating.

    Perhaps a Show /Edit Points button could be added to make all the points visible. Individual points could then be selected and moved, deleted, or a new point inserted just before / after. Routes / distances could be recalculated automatically or on demand.

    Other possible embellishments:
    - display intermediate distance of selected point
    - display gps coordinates of selected point (or the cursor)
    - display and adjust other properties of selected point (previous segment), eg auto runners / manual, colour, length
    - specify orientation of (all or next) distance / end pins (as they sometimes get in the way)
    - annotation boxes / bubbles