Mapping bike trails?

  1. telaysin says:

    Is there some way to map a ride on bike trails? It only seems to want to use roads?

  2. telaysin says:

    By using mark map manually instead of one of the automatic modes, it will allow you to map bike trails but it only does straight lines so it is a bit laborious if you are doing a long bike trail with lots of curves. It would be nice if it actually recognize bike trails like it does roads and allow automatic mapping.

  3. reyvis1947 says:

    Something has changed on The page is very different. Last week running allowed me to include the trails. I'm trying to report the change.

  4. veloberville says:

    Try it. Sometimes it works. Otherwise, switch (temporarily) to manual mode.

  5. paul says:

    The site has been switched back to the Google Maps API. Please try again when you can. For details, see:

  6. mhemstock says:

    I have just noticed that i am unable to plot routes automatically for cyclists in and around Palma, Mallorca. I have tried using Mozilla, IE and google chrome and none of them plot. Its plots ok for runners and manually.