Bike path overlay

  1. frantik says:

    I would love to be able to see the google "bicycle" overlay which shows bike lanes and bike paths while creating bike routes :)

  2. srqrob says:

    Sounds like a great feature. I'm always wondering which streets have a bike lane.

  3. bgmtnsports says:

    Agreed. Now I open both google maps showing bicycling paths AND Gmaps to plan a route. It would be extremely convenenient if Gmaps included the google bicycling data.

  4. Kanuea says:

    This would be great. I frequently use bike/walking paths in my city more than roads, which makes entering a route accurately on Gmaps a challenge.

  5. mwandaw says:

    I would use this feature a lot!

  6. dakaynor says:

    I'm a trail runner and cross country skier and would love to have trail overlays here! That said, I really enjoy and appreciate the site.