First time training for the Half Marathon

  1. nado says:

    Hello! I have signed up for my fist half marathon. I'm quite an active person and have done a bit of running (done a couple 10k runs the past year.) Any tips to best prepare and get a decent time for a beginner for a half? Thanks

  2. philrmonic says:

    As you are fit, nado, I'd wager that you'll have no problem getting the 1/2 done. Go out and enjoy the scenery and the entertainment. That way you can set a baseline, get used to the time out there (I'd recommend at least one 13 mile run first, but more than 10 isn't absolutely necessary to finish), and have a goal to beat it next time. Cheers! Have a great race.

  3. dontfakelife says:

    Dont just be sure to stick to a training schedule. Also, eat right before ALL of your runs.. not just race day. I did my first half last Feb. and am doing a full this October