Cannot Save Changes/Edits to Existing Routes

  1. drkarlpt says:

    Whenever I ask it to save additions I've made, whether i click the "Save Changess" or "Save as Copy" button, I get taken to a page tha just says "Working on it..." in the upper left corner, where it just hangs like that forever. If I open up a new tab and look at my bookmarked routes, the changes are not there. If, however, I click on the "Clear points and start over" link, and put all my changes in from scratch, and click the "Save toure" link it saves to my bookmarked routes just fine. I am presently using Firefox 17 (though this started a month ago) and Windows 7 Home.

  2. jeffmorris1212 says:

    I am trying to edit a route to gain more mileage for a upcoming race. Is there a way to add mileage in the middle of a saved course without starting over?