satellite view no longer exists?

  1. cmbneeley says:

    i've used the satellite view to make a route before, but now all i get is a gray screen that says "satellite view is not available at this zoom level." but it says this for EVERY zoom level. is the satellite view no longer available, or just having temporary problems? i need to use this view because my route isn't along roads, but through fields and i need to see landmarks to mark changes in direction, etc.

  2. Lotus says:

    neither does street view now and if I try to edit my bookmarked routes - that is not possible either, it just continually whirrs around.

    Is Gmaps-pedometer no longer in business??

  3. paul says:

    I'm not able to reproduce this problem. Is it still occurring?

  4. cmbneeley says:

    the satellite view issue is still occurring for me.