Tagging on saved routes?

  1. slipperyp says:

    You've opened a can of worms with this Feature Request forum, huh? :) You should add some way we can donate to the site - I've used this for years and love it (perhaps something is here already and I'd just like it to be more obvious?)

    My request: I've bookmarked hundreds of routes using delicious (http://delicious.com/slipperyp/route) and tagged them by distance (distances (under10, over10, over20) or when it's the course for a race as "race" and wanted to add "travel" for routes when I'm travelling). I'd love to see this same organization here through tagging or some other feature.

    Anyway - keep up the awesome (but, as you say, sometimes slow) work!

  2. dhughes171 says:

    I would also donate to the site. Have used gmap-ped for years...it's great, mostly. I just the unfortunate experience of completely losing a route that I had just mapped. I typed in the name for the map, hit Enter, and bam, it disappeared into hyperspace! Maybe I hit Enter twice, but how about a "Are you sure you want to lose this map?" message before going on to delete mode. I mean really, if I've gone to the trouble of NAMING the route, I probably am wanting to save it, right? If you could make the default to SAVE the map it would be great.
    Thanks much.
    -D Hughes