Edit a segment of a route like Google Maps

  1. gbgdovin says:

    Sometimes I want to edit just a small section of a route that I have planned. To do this now I have to remove the past points and then re-map and re-do the end/finish. It would be awesome if I could edit only a small segment of part of a route like on Google Maps. Google Maps has that little bubble/circle thing that lets you drag the route to a different road/path/whatever without having to redo the entire thing. I use gmap-pedometer to plan group rides and we try to keep the rides within a certain mileage distance and having to continually re-do the route in it's current sequential method of adding points causes a lot of re-work to try out a couple minor changes to a route.

    Otherwise, we love it! Thanks for providing this free service!

  2. lisangus2 says:

    Yes, this would be great - to be able to amend a route by dragging a section in the middle to follow a different set of streets/paths. (Google maps allows this when figuring out drive routes - so presumably the capability is possible.)

  3. Ugncreative says:

    I would love this. I hate making an epic whatever-km-long route and seeing something I screwed up at the 200-metre mark, knowing the choices are just to leave it in or to do hundreds of carefully-done points over again. gmap-pedometer would be so much better with a feature like this.

  4. kbax2006 says:

    +1 for this idea. Would be a great feature to save a lot of re-work on long routes and make the site even better!

  5. alpineghost says:

    This feature would make my life so much easier. I'm trying to compare routes with slight modifications.

  6. Bvnistelrooij says:

    Would be great to have this!

  7. PinguSchatzKarte says:

    I just found out that I am now able to edit the route by clicking on it again. Thanks very much for implementing this! :-)

  8. Pete_DaRucka says:

    Agreed, editable points please.+

  9. paul says:

    Here's a video showing how to use it. The video uses the old layout, but the feature works the same way: