Turn Recording Off to Close/Lock Route

  1. mlemanski says:

    I would like to be able to close or lock the current route, probably by toggling the "Recording" button. This allows the user to change from "edit" mode to "saved" mode and back again. This would be useful for sending a route to someone unfamiliar with gmap-pedometer and not have to worry about them accidentally altering the route (when they think they are zooming or centering and start double-clicking).

  2. paul says:

    Good suggestion, and I'll bear it in mind for a future update.

    In the meantime though, you should know that you never have to worry about a route being altered if you share the link. Whenever a user does not own the route, either because it is public or owned by someone else, they will make a copy rather than altering the original when they save changes.

  3. lisangus2 says:

    I'd like to be able to make a new route by amending a previously saved one - and keep both versions as different saved routes. But if I change a route I previously saved, I believe only my NEW changes are saved and the old route is gone. Or is there currently a way to do this?

  4. lisangus2 says:

    Never mind - I see I can SAVE A COPY which allows me to make my changes to the copied route, meanwhile leaving the original one as is.