Elevation Gain is inaccurate

  1. rksoon says:

    The elevation gain reported in "bookmarked routes" is inaccurate, although the elevation gain displayed graphically seems to be correct. I mapped a route for a loop hike I've done, and while the total elevation change is correct (0'), the elevation gain is double what it's supposed to be. It seems as if gmap-pedometer is counting ANY change in elevation as gain. I haven't quite seen this problem brought up before in the forum, so either I'm experiencing a random bug or no one else has noticed a problem.

    While we're on the topic, is there any possible way to implement three elevation data columns? Total Elevation Change, Elevation Gain, Elevation loss.

  2. bergsaul says:

    You are not wrong, the measurement is wrong. I experience the same problem. And also the total elavation gain can be incorrect. I tested it on several paths and it seems that e.g. any tree that overhangs a way is measured as elavation change. That leads of course to wrong data of height and so to a wrong elavation gain. As the values are so beyond the reality, for me they are useless anyhow.