Far-flung favourites.

  1. maydd says:

    Here's an idea that introduces a social(tm) component to gmaps:

    Sometimes I find myself far from home with my running gear packed, but the runs are really few and far between. On the occasions that I DO get to run in an exotic locale, it is always a rewarding experience. As a kind of memento, I then record the route on gmaps, but it would be nice to share this with others.

    You, as a proud citizen, must know of a route or two that shows off your city to even greater advantage than a mere tourist could.

    It would be nice to have a database of (say) top 10 runs in a given city/area/suburb, that can be rated by users on a number of criteria, such as accessibility, difficulty, safety, natural beauty, best pubs, etc. There can also be a number of performance indicators kept, such as top 10 best times, frequency of use. Not to mention an indication when a route is no longer viable - temporarily or permanently.

    Over time a rich database of star circuits would be established, and who knows, people could even go on trips just so that they can rack up the top runs.