Retrace route, Retrace to Here

  1. edaltman says:

    Hi Paul -

    Glad to see all the improvements you're making during your commute on "our laptop" :-)

    A nice feature would be "Retrace Route" so if we're doing an out and back we can map all the points on the "out" and just press one button for "back". A variation on that one, a bit harder I suppose, is a "retrace to here" button so that I could put it in that mode and then click on the map where I wanted it to trace back to. At that point I can manually go off the map.

    Thanks again,

  2. Fizziii says:

    The "Complete There and Back" will retrace the route back. It doesn't have a "to here" option though.

  3. edaltman says:

    Thanks for "There and back". "Back to here" is another one for the wish list! :-)

  4. Fizziii says:

    It seems to add points back, not just 1 trip... so if you want to go mostly back before changing, you could use the There and Back... and then click the Undo last point to work your way backwards. I think it might be an equal number of points there and back, but haven't tested.