Routes not saving

  1. dgriff says:

    Since yesterday I can't save or update my routes. They seem to save OK, but when they're reopened it just says 0 miles. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks.

  2. Dirtrnr says:

    Same issue here .. Mapped a 26.2 mile route, saved, reopened, shows 0 miles with no points.. list still shows 26.2 ...

  3. Roulio says:

    Pareil pour moi et apparemment nous ne sommes pas les seuls. Problème sur le site ??

  4. dave_dame says:

    Same issue here as well, any help is appreciated.

  5. dbeadle says:

    I'm having same problem too. Plus thought there was a 'Stop Recording' button before but that doesn't seem to be available. Any help would be great

  6. paul says:

    OK, I've been able to reproduce, and I think I know the cause of the problem. The site had a PHP ugprade Thursday the 24, and I suspect that a changed setting is causing the issue. The hosting provider has to reverse the change, so I have contacted urgent support. I'll post again here with updates.

  7. paul says:

    Everyone please try again now. The setting has been changed and I have been able to save a route with the the same data that previously caused the error.

    I'm sorry to say that any data that is not coming up for routes you've created previously can't be recovered. But from now on, you should be able to save the routes without any issues. If anyone is still having a problem, please let me know.

  8. Alexpanayotou says:

    I am having this problem now. I cannot save it just opens a window saying "Working on it..."

  9. u3afarnham says:

    Same here. Window has said 'working on it' since yesterday. It took me an hour to research the route so not a happy bunny. Anyone who can help will give me a smile.

  10. Ginnip says:

    My routes are not saving! June 2019. What can I do to change this?

  11. edwelker says:

    I'm having this problem again now.

  12. paul says:

    I've pushed some changes to the site today to correct some bugs. Please try again and let me know if you're stll having prioblems.

  13. GrammaHiker says:

    November, 2019 - routes not saving. Working fine until a couple of weeks ago. Now, can't even print my map, much less save the route I worked so hard on. Any ideas?