Map not saving

  1. bparsons54 says:

    I am creating a route and have given it a name and am saving. It saves fine but when I go back into my "bookmarks" the route is there but when I open it there is no mapped route. Just an empty map. Please advise. Frustrating.

  2. bparsons54 says:

    NOTE.. I am using Firefox version 12.

  3. drkarlpt says:

    I cannot get my maps to save at all. It merely gives me a blank screen with the words, "working on it..." and nothing happenhs after that. This happens whether I hit "Save Changes" or "Save AS Copy." And nothing ever appears in my list of saved routes along with my older ones. I have the latest verison of Firefox.

  4. Metalman__52 says:

    I am having the same problem. I create the map, save it, then when I go back to open the map in "routes" the bookmark is there but when I click on it to view, there is no map.