Map does not show on this computer

  1. gorunn12 says:

    Hello. I've used gmap on multiple computers, but on my laptop (this computer) there is NO map. Anyone come across this? I'm thinking it must be something I need to update on the computer. I've got to plot some new routes! Thanks for anyone's help

  2. gorunn12 says:

    Well, discovered the reason is google chrome for whatever reason in case anyone out in internetland comes across the same problem!

  3. dmcmultisport says:

    I just started having that problem yesterday, with one route in particular. Nothing would display. Sent the link to "Paul" but have not heard anything back. I can create a simple 1 mile Out n Back, and it displays, but not my 12 mile route. Even though my routes from the last 20 weeks show just fine. Something's wrong...

  4. gorunn12 says:

    Well, my problem in Chrome is that the map doesn't show.....period. When I open Microsoft Explorer there's no problem so it's got something to do with the browser in Chrome.

  5. fwomw says:

    I have something similar - I have some shorter routes that I have stored in the last couple of days and can retrieve fine. But I have a long route (# is 5483823) that I have tried to save 4 times (with different Ids) - the route is stored but there is no path - the map doesn't have the roads I used.

    I have tried to reduce the number of clicks, and also made sure I didn't switch onto Satellite or Terrain as I had to do the 1st couple of times.

    I have some other long routes that have also stored fine in the past. This one is being especially stubborn. Just can't get it to show when I retrieve it.

    Can you help? Thanks