Mileage off?

  1. LDGourmet says:

    Sometimes I take extra long walks and the mileage winds up being nearly identical to my regular shorter walks. Like today I walked from near the Brighton Ave/Comm Ave Split all the way to downtown and it says something like 3.7 miles. Makes no sense. Usually I do a walk that's much shorter (and in about half the time) and the mileage comes out about the same as today?

  2. drkarlpt says:

    I'm basically never going to trust gmaps-pedometer again. I just took a walk today I mapped out here first, and arranged to meet a friend at the other end. Because gmaps-pedometer said it would be about 3.3 miles, I figured 45-50 minutes. However, it ended up being 80 minutes. And guess what? My smartphone app MapMyWalk, using GPS, tracked me as going 4.8 miles. That is a HUGE, and completely UNACCEPTABLE, difference.