iPad compatible version

  1. sqwish1984 says:

    I would love to see a version that works better in mobile browsers (cell phones, tablets, etc), or even a downloadable app. When I try to use gmap-pedometer on my iPad, the map tends to jump around a lot. There are no apps I've found that do what this site does, and if there were, I would download it in a heartbeat!

  2. Skatebetty61 says:

    I also found it clunky with IPad, and really think I would use often if if it behaved. Moving the map around is a problem. It doesn't want to move when dragged. A few other things fight with you too. :-/

  3. IonGal says:

    Presently its shocking on the iPad. Any sort of App or improvement in this would be great!

  4. paul says:

    Native app development is underway. There will be another screencast preview available soon, but see progress as of a few months ago, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QfazcOmOFg

  5. Doohickie says:

    Okay, so, it's been more than a year. Any closer to having an app?