Auto-zoom on current location + saved default workout log

  1. coreydotcom says:

    Hello, thank you very much for this very good site. Here are a couple of features which would be useful:

    - Auto-zoom to current location. I always run around relatively the same area. Would there be any way to automatically zoom on this location (i.e. zoom on the city). I know there is a way the computer "knows" where you are because sometimes when I go on blogs or whatever and they have a tracker of visitors it says: XYZ from LOCATION just visited. Or on other sites: "chat with sexy singles in YOUR LOCATION". So there is a way and I'm wondering if you are able to adapt it to this site.

    - I like looking at my workouts by list. However, it always reverts to Chart. Would there be a way that once you're in "list" view (or whichever you like) to have a button "set as default".

    Thanks for this wonderful site. Just thought I would add my suggestions.